Meet Daron Taylor, The 14-Year-Old Lawn Mowing Entrepreneur We All Wish We Were

The summertime is usually the time of year that kids spend on the couch, ingesting snacks, and basically doing nothing. They’ve waited all year to be able to sleep in until 3 p.m each day and Snapchat their adventures from the couch. Well, one teenager in Cleveland is not following suit, and his business pursuits have 14-year-old Daron Taylor going viral.

That’s Daron in the video above explaining how he got his own lawn mowing business going. Now, this isn’t your everyday “I mowed my neighbor’s yard” teenager in the summer looking for sneaker money. Nope, Daron took things a step further, building himself a trailer for his bike so he could expand his business far and wide.

“I like cutting grass, but I have yards that’s way too far, right?” he explains to admiring Instagram user Deonshotme. “So I don’t like walking and pushing the lawn mower, the weed wacker, ” he explains. “So I saved up enough money to buy this bike right here and I bought a couple pieces of wood, that’s how I got the trailer.”

Then Taylor flashes his business card, which Deon also posted.

Finally, he drops the most shocking tidbit of information: he doesn’t use social media. The 14-year-old — who also brought his little brother along for some work — has garnered a ton of support online. Many commenters trying to get the attention of LeBron James, as Taylor is Cleveland based and rocking a pair of LeBron’s signature shoes. They’re also trying to get Ellen Degeneres on board, and they’re even volunteering to help set up a GoFundMe page to help with his business expenses.

Taylor has been at it for some time, with Deonshotme posting this video a few weeks back when he first discovered the young entrepreneur in action.

It’s an incredible story, and clearly LeBron and the Cavaliers aren’t the only champions in Cleveland this week.