21 Savage Wants To Help Teach Kids Financial Literacy With His Expanded Bank Account Campaign

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21 Savage may be going through some difficulties with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, but that hasn’t stopped him from continuing his efforts at community outreach and financial education. The “Bank Account” rapper started the 21 Savage Bank Account Campaign in 2018 for the purpose of teaching young people how to save money and invest and today, he announced the next phase of the campaign through a press release explaining its expansion. There is also a short informational video about it, which you can watch below.

In order to further promote financial literacy, 21 Savage has partnered with Juma, “a nonprofit social enterprise that operates businesses with the purpose of employing young people,” and The Get Schooled Foundation to promote his program, which offers badges on in exchange for taking classes about different money-related subjects including “Making Money,” “Budgeting & Saving,” “Investing,” and “Credit Vs. Debit.” The main idea is to put youth in a position to succeed by providing jobs through Juma and teaching them to use their paychecks responsibly through the information shared in the classes. 21 Savage himself will serve as their advisor or Money Making Mentor.

As the “A Lot” rapper explains in the press release, “As I have gotten smarter about financial management, I realize how empowering it is to control your money rather than be controlled by it. I want to help kids with a background similar to mine to get smart about their money.” He admits that despite the title of his first big hit, he knew next to nothing about bank accounts and wants to help others avoid the pitfalls that come along with that lack of knowledge. That’s exactly the kind of immigrant story that makes America great, so maybe ICE should cut him a little slack.

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