21 Savage Explains Why It’s Easy For Him To Be Friends With Both Drake And Meek Mill

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21 Savage had a scorching hot 2016, fueled by Savage Mode, his joint tape with Metro Boomin’, and its now platinum track “X.” The young Atlanta MC was so hot, it caused two enemies, Drake and Meek Mill, both to reach out for a feature. Drake ended up scoring Savage for “Sneakin’” while Meek took a verse for “Offended” with both tracks releasing in close proximity to each other. And, for Savage, working with the two wasn’t a big deal because he’s more focused working to better his own career instead of worrying about who’s cool with who.

On the latest episode of the Rap Radar Podcast, the “No Heart” rapper spoke on how his connection to both artists extended beyond the booth. With Drake, it’s a given that he and Savage are close considering how Drizzy bought him a Ferrari as a gift for this 22nd birthday. The same giving nature applies to their relationship as artists and it’s been that way for a while. “He don’t gotta do no song with me,” Savage said. “He don’t gotta do nothing he did. That’s why i take that as deeper than rap.”

He continued,”I been talking to him before Savage Mode, before all this shit. So it ain’t like he just jumped on when I was hot. We been before f*cking with each other before Slaughter King even came out.’

Acts like the aforementioned are why one of the biggest artists in music gets a pass from Savage. He said, “Drake genuine. I feel like he’s a genuine person.”

Oddly enough, he considers Meek to be just as good in nature as Drake. “Meek’s another genuine person. I f*ck with Meek hard.

“See, Meek is more like he like to do regular shit,” he continued. “Like ride four wheelers and all that type shit. That’s how me and Meek rock. I f*ck with a lot of n****s in his camp, too. A lot of n****s in his camp f*ck with me hard, too.”

Above all things, Savage uses an approach that supersedes the delicate nature of relationships with other artists. “I think what helps me is how I’m just focused on me,” he said. “I ain’t the nigga who with everybody all the time, out turning up, this that and the third. I just be in my own little lane. That’s what helped me grow. I stand alone.”

The hour-long podcast can be heard right here.

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