23, 20, and 15…the Best Love Triangle Ever!

02.29.08 10 years ago 13 Comments

Everyday we hear tragic stories on the news that end with some young person being dead, and we think it’s absolutely shame and a waste. Then…every so often…we hear a story that could have been tragic, but since no one died…it becomes absolutely hilarious!

On the 18th of this month in Memphis, a 20 year old named Cherry Wright decided enough was enough, and that her adversary, 23 year old girl named Lakeviette Smith, had to go. Enough was enough! She’s got to get merked…the bitch has to go! (her thoughts, not mines lol)

Plus…Lakeviette was Cherry’s dude previous conquest…and if that’s not a reason to throw bullets at someone, then I’m not sure there is one. Throw on top of that Lakeviette is pregnant with her dude’s baby! Ohhh….so now Cherry thinks she can get two for one! Oh that Memphis public school arithmetic is superb!

So Cherry and her courageous dude (notice I haven’t named him yet), decide now’s a good time to go hooride on Lakeviette…they see her in the street, and do a drive by on her…with Cherry on the pistol and the dude behind the wheel. Like a “Boys in the Hood” – Ricky drive by. Who knew we still did that anymore.

Luckily for all involved, they didn’t hit Lakeviette. Somehow the dude gets shot in the neck, which still boggles my got damn mind, but I’m glad that if someone had to get at least grazed, it was him!

And do you know what’s the icing on the cake…the dude that drove both these little girls to lose there minds…that young pimp in only 15!!!! You’ve got to love it! I don’t know his name because he’s a damn minor and they can’t even release it!

Though the shooting is obviously wrong, I’d like to congratulate that young man for living the dream. At 15, I had a couple of high school sophomore’s fighting over who I was going to sit next to at the Public League Basketball Finals, but not two grown ass women! Like really getting at each other. He truly drove both of those lonely ass chicks insane! For that he really, he should be applauded.

To Lakeviette, outside of the fact that she knocking off a minor, is pretty much going to get off scott free…outside of the public embarrassment.

But Cherry…you have a one way ticket to a few years in the hooscow! I’m not sure whose idea it was, could have been his….could have been yours…but since you were the one hold and firing the pistol, and the only adult in the car, you’ll be the only one in the hooscow!

Obviously sweetie you need to sit down for a little while…think about how crazy your ass is…how you allowed A KID to just ruin your simple ass life. Maybe you can meet yourself a pretty girl in the hooscow and try to turn your life around!

Bari the Beautiful

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