50 Cent Is Being Called A Child Abuser For Boxing With His Son

Before Curtis Jackson became 50 Cent and started terrorizing foes on the mic, Curtis was an amateur boxer. The rapper’s boxing days started at age 11 and got pretty serious when a neighbor opened up a boxing gym for the neighborhood kids. “When I wasn’t killing time in school, I was sparring in the gym or selling crack on the strip,” 50 once recalled about his boxing days.

In the mid-1980s, a 14-year-old Fif reportedly competed in the Junior Olympics as an amateur but would later give up his boxing dreams to be a full-time drug dealer. Still, his love for the sport remained. And like most dads, 50 is passing down his love of the sport to the kid he’s been calling his son.

The rapper uploaded footage of him boxing with his “fake” son, Davian, with the caption, “Getting my young bull ready.” One of the clips features Fif getting a couple of licks in with several jabs to Davian’s protected head. Things get a little intense when a powerful punch bounces Davian off a wall and nearly takes him out. Fif urges his son to “fight back,” and he does. Davian gathers his bearings and lays into his Fifty with several hard-hitting body blows. “Go ahead. Keep fighting,” 50 tells him while Davian is heard possibly sniffing.

Too bad the whole father/son boxing bonding session has some critics calling 50 a child abuser.

“He’s way too f*cking aggressive. He’s not even giving tips. This is abuse point blank period. I don’t care what anyone says he’s punching the kid as if the kid is a grown man,” a critic wrote in 50 Cent’s Instagram comments. A few feel the punches are going to cause brain damage, writing, “Child abuse! Brain damage!” and “you were going to give your son a concussion and hurt his brain.”

However, some fans are saying Fifty should be commended because he’s teaching his four-year-old son “self-defense in the right way” as well as discipline. “Do they want us to teach our kids how to hold guns and be f*ck ups like how we were? F*ck outta here. This is what a father should be teaching they kids. I agree with teaching him to shoot when the time is right. But he got to know that knuckle game first.”

Was Fifty a little too hard? Watch the clip below.

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