50 Cent Claims Diddy Gets Botox Shots, Continuing The Beef That Will Never End

Nobody really knows exactly why 50 Cent and Diddy have beef, everybody just knows it’s palpable. Maybe it’s one of those “this town ain’t big enough for the both of us” things but it’s clear there’s no love lost between the two New York titans. So it’s no surprise to see 50 use some mic time at DJ Drama’s album release party for Quality Street Music 2 to take a few shots at his famous foe, much to the crowd’s delight.

“I got this sh*t right where I want it,” he said about the beef with Puff before accusing him of getting botox. “Puffy old as a motherf***a, that motherf***a like 47. He’s getting that botox sh*t in his face.”

Knowing 50, an admitted fibber, it could just be some slick talk, but he didn’t stop there. “I just went to the place to get the facials. They said, ‘You want the thing like him?’ I said, ‘No what the f**k? I want you to see my facial expressions. I act and sh*t. Puff don’t act. That’s why his forehead don’t move.”

It’s a hilarious rant, the type Fif usually saves for the end of songs but whatever works for him. The only disappointment is that he didn’t use his favorite phrase “Puffy Juice,” which is always worth a good laugh.

(Via XXL)