It Took A While But 50 Cent Finally Got In On All The Fyre Fest Fun To Diss Ja Rule And Donald Trump

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In this world, there are some beefs that are just never going to die: Kobe fans and LeBron fans on Twitter, the Bloods and the Crips and 50 Cent and Ja Rule. The beef for 50 and Ja is over a decade strong, and though it bled into rap it is rooted in real life and clearly is just never going away. Even all these years later, with their heydays long behind them they still find ways to jab at each other and for the time being, 50 has the advantage once again thanks to the Fyre Festival debacle.

Ja Rule was of course one of the figureheads of the festival and the whole fiasco of it being cancelled and destroyed on social media. It may not have been his fault, and we’ll probably never know his true involvement with the planning or lack thereof, but he’s being blamed and after that goofy toast he kind of deserves it.

So of course 50 used the situation to do what 50 does best these days: be funny on Instagram. Fiddy took a shot at his adversary on his favorite social media platform with a meme that jabs at not only Ja, but Donald Trump as well.

“Can’t do nothing right,” he said in the caption under a picture of Donald hiring the seemingly inept Ja Rule as “secretary of festivals.” Never change Curtis, never change.