Watch 50 Cent Struggle So Hard While Cooking That He Can Barely Even Mash Potatoes

I’m not sure why it took this long, given her reputation for being a phenomenal cook, but Patti LaBelle finally has a cooking show. Patti LaBelle’s Place debuted over the weekend and it’s really just 20 some odd minutes of aunt Patti cooking for famous people without giving a damn about measurements or actually explaining what she’s doing so horrible cooks can learn a thing or two. Still, it made for an entertaining watch when 50 Cent popped up at her home as her very first guest.

I didn’t expect 50 to have the cooking skills of Big Mama from Soul Food, but my goodness! It’s possible Fif doesn’t even know how to boil water. It was such a sad scene watching him struggle to cut corn that Patti later blamed herself for not giving the 38-year-old rapper a bowl to prevent Curtis from getting kernels all over her pristine kitchen floor. Even something as simple as mashing potatoes proved to be difficult for the rapper. The delicate way he was doing it irritated Patti hard enough to take control. “I had to take over because he just was not aggressive,” Patti confessed in behind-the-scenes footage. You’d think a hardcore rapper like Fif would be able to channel the aggression heard on his music into mashing some damn potatoes. What a waste of muscles.

He should probably stick to rapping, but ever-so the businessman, 50 also briefly entertained the thought of opening up a pop-up restaurant with Patti called, One Night Only, and selling $500 mashed potatoes. If they’re as good as Patti pies, who knows!