50 Cent Speaks On Album, Hip Hop Losing Authenticity & Not Being Impressed By New Artists

10.18.12 7 years ago 41 Comments

Every artist that puts them selves in direct competition with me will suffer do to how well Street King Immortal is put together. Watch the fools who decide to question my talent. Find them selves over whelmed but this album SKI. I manage my self now that Chris lighty has passed. I’m not going to rush my album out.now that I’m doing both job’s

Hip hop has been damaged by fake fraudulent artist who just say anything.now it seems like authenticity means nothing. The culture is so confused a gangsta is bobbing to a cop LMAO think about it,It’s just the facts. Don’t ask for the old 50 a artist has to grow and do new things. If I just did that style of music the same ass holes would be saying,no good it’s the same. I’m not impressed by some of the new artist it feels like nothings new stop following trends be your self. Rappers write cars,money,big house,big shot talk. The truth is they ain’t got it man for real. It’s funny when a new artist try’s to go at me. Fool you got one car and it ain’t paid for yet. They can’t do MTV cribs cause they live in the f?ckingCAR LMAO my God
50 Cent

Thoughts on what 50 Cent had to say about new artists and his jab at Rick Ross?

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