Watch 50 Cent Surprise The Hell Out Of People Giving Disrespectful Takes About Him On ‘Kimmel’

Hip-hop fans are an opinionated group to say the least. Want to get an hour’s long discussion going amongst a collection of true heads? Just ask everyone to name their top-five greatest MC’s of all-time and then fade into the abyss. Jimmy Kimmel and his team decided to use this proclivity to their comedic advantage recently for one of their “person-on-the-street” segments, asking passersby for the list of greatest rappers, and more specifically, their take on 50 Cent.

Little did each person know that Fif was watching the entire time just feet away, behind closed doors on a television screen. Each time someone came in with a hot take, he’d burst through the doors of Kimmel’s theater to surprise and confront them about their opinion. One person put him seventh on his list of all-time rappers, which visibly bewildered 50. Another person agreed that he was washed up, which didn’t exactly thrill him. Inevitably, of course, one guy did put on his list of favorite artists, which compelled 50 to make an appearance before the interviewer could try and draw some negativity out him. “Don’t let ’em trick you!” Fif said while wrapping the guy up in a hug.

The most hilarious exchange occurred between the first person depicted, who not only said that 50 needed to “get with some of the youngsters,” but then doubled-down on refusing to call him the greatest of all-time AFTER he was confronted by the man himself. The person gave the crown to Kendrick Lamar, and you know what, I can’t say that I blame him.

You can catch the entire, hilarious segment above.