50 Cent May Have Just Threatened To Kill His Son For ‘Crossing’ Him
Not even 50 Cent’s own flesh blood is immune from the G-Unit mogul’s beef. Known for getting into it with rappers, singers and exes, Fif’s new focus appears to his 19-year-old son and doppelganger, Marquise Jackson. The rapper used his Kanan character from Power to threaten his first born for siding with his mother.

“You a grown man now boy, what you gonna tell me you cross me because mommy said so? F*ck dat,” 50 wrote on Instagram along with the gun and explosion emojis.

Spoiler alert: Kanan killed his son Shawn in season 2 of Power for being loyal to Ghost. Tragic.

Marquise did respond to his father’s eerie message, commenting back on Instagram, “Now if something happens to me everybody knows who did it. GOOFY [laughing emoji]!”

To catch you all up, Fif still hates his eldest son’s mother, Shaniqua Tompkins, and taunts her every chance he gets on Instagram. Just last week, Fif advised Tompkins to hit the stripper pole if she was having money problems after, according to Fif, her house went into foreclosure. Tompkins denied the allegations and claimed she actually sold her Georgia home and then posted a domestic incident police report alleging 50 pushed her.

Marquise recently went on TMZ’s Raq Rocks and said he’s open to reconcile with his famous pops, but only if he seeks help. “That’s my father at the end of the day. I don’t know 50 Cent; I know Curtis,” Marquise admitted. “I’ll talk to him if he gets therapy. If he gets therapy and he figures out a lot of unresolved issues that pertains to himself, I’m more than willing to work it out.”

Last month, 50 Cent Instagrammed a countdown for when his estranged son turns 20 and will no longer be required to pay child support. “Man real life is gonna start sooner than you think. Sad part is I wish you well.” Marquise clapped back with, “Don’t worry, I’ll make u proud! Just don’t forget to tell me happy birthday that day cause u missed a few.” Vicious.