A Review Of The Heart Of The City Tour In Miami

03.24.08 10 years ago 13 Comments

Dude had so many hits he couldn’t even play half of them. But the ones he did were well received for the most part. “Excuse me Miss” “Izzo (H.O.V.A.) “Can I Live” “Show Me What You Got” Can I Get A…” and “Dirt Off Your Shoulder” were some of the bigger one’s.
When the chorus to “Diamond From Sierra Leone” started up, you couldn’t help but wonder if Kanye was going to come out. The song, after all, is a Kanye track, but Jay-Z was smart enough to just do his verse from that song and let the tension build.

But then the beat to “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” came on and there was no denying that in seconds, Kanye would hit the stage and turn the crowd into mush. Folks sitting around me lost it.
It was a great surprise and thankfully, Kanye stayed on to do “Good Life” as well.

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Damn I don’t got tickets to Jay-Z or Kanye’s upcoming NYC concerts, time to get my hustle on.

Edit: Only reason I don’t have tickets is because im holding out for some tickets all the way in the front and the Kanye West presale was bullshit.

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