Kim And Kanye Helped Alton Sterling’s Son Celebrate His 16th Birthday At The Saint Pablo Tour

One of the lasting images most people associate with Alton Sterling is that of his son, Cameron. After his father was killed by police back in July, then 15-year-old Cameron appeared at a press conference alongside his mother and broke down in tears when he tried to speak about the memory of his slain father. The scene was powerful and heartbreaking as it put a different face to police violence.

Fast forward to Wednesday night when Cameron Sterling found a small piece of happiness. The oldest child of Alton Sterling celebrated his 16th birthday by attending Kanye West’s Saint Pablo tour in Los Angeles. Young Sterling got an experience when he got to meet the man himself and wife Kim Kardashian. “Shoutout to @kanyewest & @KimKardashian for showing 16th bday love last night to my client #CameronSterling, eldest son of #AltonSterling” was the message shared by attorney Justin Bamberg.

Exact details about how the photo opp came about were not shared but they’re not exactly necessary either. After Alton Sterling’s murder, an outpouring of support for his family came from celebrities and the public, including Issa Rae starting a scholarship fund for Sterling’s children. Nothing will erase the fact that those kids will live their lives with their father absent. But, everyone, stars included, can find small ways to help lift those kids up out of their pain. Kim and Kanye taking a minute to pose for a pic is obviously a small gesture but it’s one that probably holds a lot of value to a 16-year-old kid on his birthday. And, what matters most is the smile on Cameron Sterling’s face. It’s good to see him in a different light than what we saw before.