‘Insecure’ Actress Amanda Seales Sparked A Heated Debate About Black Classism On Twitter

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Outspoken actress and comedian Amanda Seales isn’t one to shy away from sparking debate, and today on Twitter was no exception. She definitely rattled more than a few cages and sparked the latest round in a heated debate about priorities and classism among Black Americans. Early Monday morning, she tweeted, “If you’re buying Jordans and Nike Suits but you’re sleeping on an air mattress, YOU’RE LOSING,” following up with “If you’re buying Jordans and Nike Suits but you don’t have a PASSPORT, YOU’RE LOSING.”

The Insecure actress has mostly been known for taking “white privilege” and other social issues to task, often calling out other celebrities and entertainers for untoward comments or for a lack of support for groups fighting for equality. However, Monday’s comments were different in that they appeared directed toward a marginalized group — a group that Seales is considered to be a part of.

The reactions were immediate; some were outraged, some agreed, and some just wanted to make light of the whole situation. Thanks to the lack of nuance in her comments, Seales’ statement was easy to take out of context, dissect, and ridicule for creating a false a binary while failing to take into account a myriad of factors that affect socioeconomic status, lifestyle choices, and personal preferences. Many of the tweets referenced Tiffany DuBois, her Bourgeois, borderline stuck-up character from Insecure, or the fact that some folks actually like to do both.

Seales followed up with an Instagram video clarifying her statements.

Check out the conversation below and feel free to weigh in.