‘Good For You’ Is Amine’s Sunny Reminder To Give Music A Chance To Surprise You

07.31.17 8 months ago

Amine’s Good For You is the perfect example of why we shouldn’t let expectations and social media jokes get in the way of a good listening experience. First things first, yes, he addresses the name thing in a hilariously similar way to how Talib Kweli handled it on “The Blast” twenty years ago. Amine leans into his goofball persona so heavily, it was off-putting for any fan who grew up in the muted, monochromatic ’90s of rap, or the ostentatious, urban goth looks of the last decade or so, which Amine takes pains to eschew. But that’s his appeal; Naruto references born of Freudian slip-like typos aside, Amine understands how important presentation is in hip-hop.

For instance, the newspaper he’s reading on the outrageously eye-catching cover of his major debut is a real product that fans can actually pick up and read for themselves; I’m a sucker for clever and interactive marketing schemes, but this takes it one step further, creating a tactile experience that gives fans something to not just hold onto and keep on a shelf, but another form of media to interact with, deepening the experience of engaging with Amine as an artist.

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