Amine’s Latest Single ‘Squeeze’ Is A Boastful Banger And Ode To The Color Yellow

Hip-Hop Editor


Amine’s surprising major debut, Good For You, isn’t even three full months old yet, but that hasn’t stopped the industrious Portland rapper from getting right back to releasing new music. This time around, he’s just plain old flexing with “Squeeze,” a boastful banger that still keeps his humorous sensibilities at the forefront of its swaggering self-praise. “I own the color yellow,” Amine crows, “Pantone hit me up.”

He also makes sure to plug his live show, reminding listeners that he might just be one of the few artists in hip-hop who takes the time to write skits for his performances. Nothing less should be expected from the creative mind who thought to print an actual newspaper for distribution at his album listening parties to promote his album. Amine was clearly influenced by some of the more expansive creative minds in the culture, and his output reflects it.

His dedication to his craft has been paying off with some intriguing looks from some of the more prominent figures in entertainment and hip-hop. His “RedMercedes” remix featured none other than Missy Elliott, and he was able to secure an actual Spice Girl for a cameo in his amusingly surreal “Spice Girl” music video. Amine’s debut may have flown a bit under the radar, but with his level of talent and creativity, it’s only a matter of time until the rest of the world takes notice too.

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