Anderson .Paak Debuts ”Til It’s Over’ In An FKA Twigs-Starring Apple Ad Directed By Spike Jonze

Apple is a fresh face in the smart speaker game with its recently released HomePod, and if any company is positioned to take on Amazon and Google, the two companies currently dominating this space, it’s Apple. The tech giant is certainly making an appeal to music and film fans with its latest ad, a four-minute video that’s directed by Spike Jonze, stars FKA Twigs, and features “‘Til It’s Over,” a brand new song from Anderson .Paak.

The smooth, percussive, and kaleidoscopic track is just what Twigs needs in the video, when after a long and mundane day, she gets home and says to her HomePod, “Hey Siri, play me something I’d like.” The song starts, and from there, Twigs’ mood improves considerably and she finds herself dancing (something she’s known for doing) in her colorfully morphing apartment, eventually with a duplicate of herself.

There’s no word yet on whether the song is a standalone single or if it’s set to appear on .Paak’s forthcoming follow-up, which .Paak previously said is coming in 2018 and has Dr. Dre’s fingerprints all over it: “[Dr. Dre] had a heavy role in this new album that’s almost done as well. Just going through the mixing phase. I won’t say any dates but you can definitely expect it this year, sometime.”

Watch the Apple ad and listen to “‘Til It’s Over” above.