Andre 3000 Directs And Cameos In Divine Council’s Crime Caper Video For ‘Decemba’

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12.01.16 2 Comments

The members of Divine Council weren’t joking in the least when they said Andre 3000 had taken a strong liking to them and their music. Not only did they get 3K to hop on a remix for their song “Decemba,” they’ve somehow managed to get him to direct the accompanying video for the track plus make a quick cameo in the clip.

The group linked up with the rap legend earlier this year, thanks to Andre’s son Seven, and he really took a warm liking to them. It helps that they have the same label home in Epic Records because that only strengthened the connection. Ever since, Dre’s been a mentor figure for the group and helped steer them with it all come together in the new visual.

Interestingly enough, the whole thing is a depiction of Andre’s verse, which is a tale about how he almost gets nabbed by the cops before devising a scheme where his ride-or-die helps orchestrate his escape. But instead of dominating the spotlight, he leaves the lead roll to group member SilkMoney and his lady friend, portrayed by Venus X. The action finds Silk in police custody as he heads to court before he overtakes a guard, grabs his gun and bullets start flying as he makes his escape with his Divine Council brethren. From there, it’s all word-for-word with Andre’s verse, which we don’t want to spoil for anyone, even if you’ve heard the song and know the storyline in advance of watching.

Not only did Dre hold it down from behind the camera, he also pops up in the clip as well. Don’t blink though because you’ll sure miss him.

Divine Council/Vevo

The clip was apparently just as fun to make as it is to watch. “Having Andre involved was a dream come true,” Silk told Complex. “The whole experience of working with him side by side on something so amazing is deadass hard to fathom.” Now, that we’ve seen them create cool experiences twice, let’s hope the DMV group and the eccentric ATLien will find more ways to work in the future.

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