Ann Coulter Hits Back At Eminem’s ‘Misogynistic’ Diss

Eminem let off a couple of rounds into Donald Trump on Big Sean’s “No Favors,” but it was Ann Coulter who got the worst of it. The Detroit rapper known for his violent lyrics against women, including his own mother and ex-wife, listed a list of objects Coulter could f*ck herself with, including a Klan poster and a piano. Em also rapped about running the Trump supporter over and smothering her in the name victims of police brutality.

It’s not the first time Em has gone in on Coulter, but Coulter is completely over the 44-year-old rapper using her to whore for publicity. “I think I can get publicity without having these incomprehensible and, yet, ugly and violent lyrics written,” Coulter recently told TMZ. “I think he’s getting publicity off of me.”

The conservative pundit also said Em’s controversial lyrics normalize violence against women, adding, “He talks about effing women with an umbrella until the bleep comes out. This goes on for years. He denounces gays. His homophobia and misogyny are quite well known.”