Article Claims The Hip Hop Culture Is Hurting The NFL

10.18.07 11 years ago

African-American football players caught up in the rebellion and buffoonery of hip hop culture have given NFL owners and coaches a justifiable reason to whiten their rosters. That will be the legacy left by Chad, Larry and Tank Johnson, Pacman Jones, Terrell Owens, Michael Vick and all the other football bojanglers.

By failing to confront and annihilate the abhorrent cultural norms we have allowed to grab our youth, we have in the grand American scheme sentenced many of them to hell on earth (incarceration), and in the sports/entertainment world we’ve left them to define us as unreliable, selfish and buffoonish.

Race is not the determining factor when it comes to having a good or bad attitude. Culture is.

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Thoughts?, also the author is African American for those that wondered.

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