Artist Spotlight: Theo

03.14.08 10 years ago 22 Comments

Theo – “T.V. Show”
Theo – “Superstar”
Theo – “Something For Me”

Bio: With the new generations of emerging artists looking uncertain, there
are few blessed with substance and talent. Among those prominent in view
is, Theo. The Providence, R.I. native is here to offer versatility &
timelessness to the music industry.

Recent artists mimic the previous successes of past music individuals,
who offer no form of self identity to the music industry, “they seem to
be afraid of themselves”, says Theo. Coming from a musical background Theo is also a well known DJ. His passion as a DJ helped him grow a strong appreciation for music, “in the
80’s & 90’s you had people like RUN from Run DMC, Dr. Dre, Erick Sermon
& Jermaine Dupri who all, besides being artists, DJ’d as well as
produced, it wasnt an issue for them. We also have that now with artists
like Hi-Tek, Kanye West & Lauryn Hill who all are multi-talented.”

Music that evokes emotion, passion & is embraced by the masses is what
is called for. Theo combines diversity, swagger with rhymes & harmonies.

With style, taste, incredible wordplay & vocal range, Theo is in a class
all by himself.

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