Asahd Khaled Got A Lamborghini At His ‘Just Dance 2018’-Sponsored First Birthday Party

I think that most of us can feel 100% confident in calling Asahd Khaled the most accomplished baby in the music business today. With that being said, the one-year-old’s first birthday party had to match the epicness of his first year (and have a brand attached, because why would anything associated with DJ Khaled not have brand sponsorship at this point?), so it makes perfect sense that Ubisoft’s Just Dance video game series would get involved. DJ Khaled said that P. Diddy would be planning the party at Miami’s Club Liv, and it looks like they went all-out.

The latest installment of Just Dance, Just Dance 2018, which features Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s “Despacito” and Selena Gomez’ “Bad Liar” among other massive pop hits, was the primary sponsor for the production genius toddler’s birthday bash. Guests included were P. Diddy, who helped DJ Khaled with hosting dudes, and Betty Wright, who sang “Happy Birthday,” as well as Frank Meuller, who gifted him a $100,000 watch. From the videos posted by his dad, Asahd also got some pretty cool presents, including what looks like a Power Wheels Lamborghini, and was presented his first RIAA platinum plaque for his “work” on his dad’s last album. All in all, it looks like the Grateful executive producer had a blast — as did the partygoers, who were treated to performers dressed as animals and a preview of Just Dance 2018.