ASAP Ferg Releases ‘Trap And A Dream’ Video With Meek Mill And Gives A Message Of Support

Meek Mill and his 2-4 year prison sentence for a parole violation is the story in hip-hop right now. Jay-Z has vociferously come to Meek’s defense, and he’s not alone in calling Meek’s sentence “unjust,” especially after it surfaced that his parole was violated even after charges against him for two separate incidents were dropped. The latest MC to come to Meek’s defense is ASAP Ferg, as he sends a message of support Meek’s way and drops the video for their collaboration “Trap And A Dream.”

The video is a fairly standard affair, but it is cool to see Meek pull up in Harlem with a drop-top Phantom just to chill with Ferg. But Ferg also sent his support to Meek both in the video and in the press materials along with it. “Meek is my brother and will forever have my support, especially in these tough times,” he said in a statement while linking the petition to reconsider Meek’s sentence that has gained so much steam this week.

Ferg also added a message in the video, quoting the phrase “The greater the obstacle the more glory in overcoming it,” and adding the hashtag #FreeMeek. The outpouring of support for Meek has been powerful, but it remains to be seen if it will actually affect his case in any way. Check out the video above.