A Fan Thought ASAP Rocky Was Travis Scott At A Pre-Grammy Party

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ASAP Rocky is many things — a prolific wordsmith, the face of Dior Homme, a burgeoning music video auteur. He is not, however, Travis Scott. While most of us know this, it appears one of the 30-year-old rapper’s fans is not as clear on that fact.

Over the weekend, Rocky attended Clive Davis’s annual Pre-Grammy Gala at the Beverly Hills Hilton. As he made his way into the event, Rocky was met with the screams and cheers of fans who had gathered by the hotel’s entranced to watch the procession of famous musicians. Among the chants of “Rocky!” however there was one incongruous “Travis!” A fan had apparently mistaken the pink-suited Harlem rapper for his peer Travis Scott. As can be seen below in a video posted to Instagram, Rocky did not react well to this mix-up, shooting the confused fan a sharp glance before continuing into the building.

This is not the first time the rappers have been confused for one another. Back in 2015, outside the listening session for his then soon-to-be-released album Rodeo, Scott responded angrily to a fan who mistook him for Rocky. “I’m not motherf*cking ASAP, bitch!” he snapped.

It is worth noting that Scott was actually present at the Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Gala over the weekend and actually performed.