ASAP Rocky Is Partnering With Under Armour For A Good Cause, Proving ASAP Mob Is For Kids

When we compared ASAP Mob to the Wu-Tang Clan in August, at least one member took it to heart; since “Wu-Tang is for the children,” ASAP Rocky has seemingly decided that he will be as well. To that end, the “Peso” rapper is partnering up with athletic apparel brand Under Armour to develop new products and build a series of philanthropic programs to benefit youth in underserved communities.

It seems taking advice from his elders is a favored pastime of Rocky’s; just a few weeks ago, he shared his agreement with Jay-Z’s financial advice from 4:44 about making smart investments and saving up. Now he’s borrowing from his elders’ philanthropic bent by pairing up with Under Armour to give back to those in need.

“I wanted more than a collaboration partner,’’ said Rocky. “The only way to achieve this is with someone who is likeminded. The Under Armour team, and especially CEO and Founder Kevin Plank, has a shared vision, enthusiasm, and desire to do the same. I grew up in Harlem, and had limited resources to channel my inner-creativity, so I spent too much time on the streets when I should have been more productive. I now have the ability to create a better situation for today’s kids so they can go from school to a safe place to create without boundaries. Under Armour was the company that was most excited about my idea to turn sportswear products on their head while bettering kids’ lives.”

Under Armour and Rocky will be rolling out new community centers and updating existing ones in neighborhoods in in Baltimore, Los Angeles and New York, and will feature programming led by experienced instructors, including Rocky himself, for students to express their creativity through art, fashion, beauty, music and sport. That’s something worth getting behind; if it helps out the kids, Rocky and UA have our support, even if they wind up making another Steph Curry II.