The Latest ‘Atlanta’ Trailer For Season Two Puts Donald Glover In ‘Heavy Rotation’

Hip-Hop Editor

The second season of FX’s hit show Atlanta is right around the corner and the latest trailer is here to help fuel the hype. The critical darling brainchild of Donald Glover will be returning on March 1, picking up on the story of Earn, Paperboi, and Darius as they strive to make it big (or just survive the day-to-day of being broke in the big city).

The show is Glover’s love letter to the city of Atlanta, yes, but it’s also the story of a group of friends hanging out and hustling to improve their lot in life and its relatable tales — shot through with a healthy dose of surreal humor — made it a favorite of fans and critics alike. The new trailer depicts Glover foregrounded in locations around the city while his costars Keith Stanfield and Brian Tyree Henry do their thing in the background as the camera rotates, revealing a new location with each full rotation.

Donald Glover won an Emmy for the first season of the unexpected hit, which will almost certainly draw more attention and a larger audience for the second. Meanwhile, Glover will also be co-starring as Lando Calrissian in the upcoming Star Wars prequel Solo, which almost guarantees that 2018 is the year the man formerly known as Childish Gambino becomes a bonafide superstar.

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