Audio: 50 Cent Speaks On If He Would Work With Lil Wayne/Kanye West, Working With Young Jeezy & His Car Accident

Is 50 ok ever since his car accident? What was 50?s intentions with ‘5, Murder By Numbers?’ How did Marquise feel about being on the cover of 50?s new album? How is Floyd Mayweather holding up in jail? Does 50 really have a record with Flo Rida? Will we see 50 & Jeezy on a record together? How did 50 link up with School Boy Q? What can fans expect from ‘Street King Immortal?’ Did 50 send Oprah a copy of his new album? Is Interscope happy that 50 pushed his album back? How often do 50 and Eminem speak? Are they really best friends? Is 50 working with Dr. Dre on his new album? Will we see a Lil Wayne or Kanye West Collabo? How does 50 feel about the new hip hop beefs? What’s 50?s opinion on the Chris Brown/Drake situation? Is Justin Bieber really down with The Money Team?

via RadioPlanet