Apparently Azealia Banks Has Been Sacrificing Chickens In Her House For Three Years

There’s only a few days left in 2016 but Azealia Banks wasn’t going to let the year come to a close without Azealia Banksing one last time. Azealia was last seen Facebook ranting about Nicki Minaj, then apologizing, then admonishing the media for daring to report the post, and apparently in the time since she’s been scraping muck off a closet in her house where she sacrifices chickens. Yeah, you read that right.

Banks posted several videos on her Instagram story on Friday morning that depicted her cleaning up the mess that was left on her closet floor after “three years of brujeria” as she put it. She proceeded to sandblast what appears to be three years worth of dried up blood, feathers and remnants of chickens on the floor, all from “brujeria” which is a form of witchcraft. At one point she even says “Real witches do real things,” before beginning to scrape all the grime off the floor.

Naturally, because it’s Azealia Banks and because it’s apparently some sort of animal cruelty at work, Twitter had plenty of reactions and just about none of them were kind to the 25-year-old rapper.

Wishing her a crystal clear aura in 2017.

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