Azealia Banks Attacks Nicki Minaj On Facebook And Compares Her Work To McDonalds

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12.20.16 10 Comments

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Azealia Banks is back at it, Azealia Banksing on social media even though she swore off of Twitter earlier this year. Her social media platform of choice these days is Facebook, and Banks used her wall to launch an attack at Nicki Minaj this morning before deleting it. Of course.

Azealia accused Nicki of “missing” her ex-boyfriend and current Love And Hip Hop star Safaree to promote the new song she said she did with him. Banks also said Nicki needs to slim down her neck and arms, and that she should “stop wearing spandex as an outfit.” Eventually she suggested Nicki needs to “decrease (her) butt implants” and go back to her “Gaga-knock off” look and much more in the lengthy post.

She deleted it soon after because as she put it “I am not the same person I was two hours ago.” Knowing how the Internet works, Azealia knew everybody already got their screenshots though, saying “Hope you lot got your screenshots. It’s all jokes guys.” Then she went on another multi-post rant about the media and alluded the outburst might have been caused by a recent miscarriage.

“I’ve just had a miscarriage and am pretty taken aback by it all,” she said. “I’ve had a real rough 2016. I honestly need a break from the public crucifixions. This is a women’s health issue that many others may or may not be able to relate to.”

Nicki has yet to respond, and besides another one of those “these bitches is my sons” lines on some random song, chances are she never will.

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