An Appreciation For The NBA Uniforms Everyone Thinks Are Horrible

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For being such a fashion-forward league, full of stylish icons and Amish men in capri pants, the NBA sure does churn out some ugly jerseys. In fairness, all sports leagues have their share of trashbag uniforms (looking right at you, Diamondbacks), but NBA jerseys are routinely, almost-annually the subject of rankings and slideshow roasts, because just when we think that every team is looking good, the Christmas uniforms and sleeved pajama tops remind us that it’s, at best, a work in progress.

(People seriously still hate the sleeved jerseys so much, especially LeBron James.)

When it comes to the ugliest of the truly fugly NBA jerseys, each round-up features the usual suspects. For example, people really hate the 2006-07 Washington Wizards black and gold alternatives. Why? I’m not sure, other than the jerseys make them look like they’re playing a pick-up game at Medieval Times, or they’re the bad guy team in Like Mike 3.

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Going all the way back to the ‘70s, the Atlanta Hawks were possibly the granddaddies of so-called hideous uniforms, as Pete Maravich and Co. rocked this spectacular blue and green look that, for some dumb reason, people think qualifies as one of the all-time ugliest uniforms. Truth be told, this uniform is pretty dope, as the kids who egg my house on Halloween for giving out nickels would say, and the Hawks should embrace it and bring it back annually.

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Maybe we don’t pay enough attention to the Hawks (hey, they’re pretty F-ing good this season!), but fans should be rocking this style at every game. Dwight Howard could lead the resurrection by wearing short shorts, roller skates, and a big afro wig while making armpit farts on the jumbotron. It’s a cash cow idea!