It ‘Might Not’ Go No. 1 But Belly, The Weeknd, 2 Chainz And Yo Gotti Have A Smash Hit

It’s the morning after a bender and the countertop is filled with hollow Rx bottles, dusty mirrors and unfinished red cups. Despite an iPhone ringing off for 60-minutes, the morgue full of bodies spread across the living room hasn’t flinched from their comatose state. The only song worth playing in moments like these is a record like “Might Not,” where Belly, The Weeknd, 2 Chainz and Yo Gotti mix the antics from last night with the horror-film realities of the next morning.

After winning a few golden statues with Abel and signing with Roc Nation, Ahmad Balshe has continued his quiet streak to building a thorough catalogue that is going to age like expensive grapes. It doesn’t hurt that Max Martin’s latest protege is giving him hooks like this and 2 Chainz throws him one of his most coherent verses in years. However you cut it, Belly has got a heatrock summer hit.

Don’t get it twisted — this s**t isn’t for the radio. Tity starts the verse talking the kind of talk that earned him a ridiculous GQ show about being extravagant and Gotti recycles his yayo bars with the same asthmatic flow that we love, but it’s Belly’s verse that was most surprising. While played out bars about vegan’s still loving his man-meat find their way into the cut, the rest of his slurred out verse and cinematic perspective on a hedonistic night out are as on-point as any.

It’s yet to be seen whether Top 40 ever opens their doors for records about getting so lit that the cemetery is more likely than the hospital, but every party needs a record like this in the playlist. It might prove to be the slow burning jam of the summer but even if it doesn’t, it will still get good girls doing bad things at the bashment.

Belly - Might Not (Remix) [CDQ] Feat. The Weeknd, 2 Chainz & Yo Gotti