All The Best Rap Albums From February 2019

02.28.19 6 months ago

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It’s fitting that the month of Valentine’s would be defined by the recently-reconciled Offset’s Father Of 4 and several beloved acts released long-anticipated albums in Wiz Khalifa and Currensy’s 2009 and the Czarface Meets Ghostface Killah project. While this month wasn’t full of big-name releases, upstarts like Gunna are vying to get their weight up in 2019, and released strong projects to help you get acquainted.

Offset, Father Of 4

Offset had all eyes on him for his debut solo album, and Father Of 4 delivered. Offset’s debut work was a strong, refreshing effort which showed the 27-year-old delving into relatively unexplored depths of his creativity. The flashy bangers such as “Quarter Milli” with Gucci Mane and “Wild Wild West” with Gunna could have been expected from the QC stalwart, as were some of the bars addressing his marriage with Cardi B on the agitated “Clout.”

Where Offset sets himself apart from the bloated trap field is with the vulnerability and introspection he showed on tracks like “Red Room” and “Father Of 4,” which offer intriguing glimpses into the mind of an artist most known nowadays for flashy garb and a high-profile marriage. While those moments were too sparse for Father Of 4 to fully satisfy, perhaps that’s a good thing. Father Of 4’s poignant flashes postulate the potential for Offset to fully shine on his next solo work, which is the growth that many have been seeking from Migos members.

Wiz Khalifa & Currensy, 2009

Wiz Khalifa and Currensy are one of the game’s most respected tag teams. Though they’ve both had their solo successes since their initial link up with How Fly, fans have clamored for another project from the two. What better time than the month of Valentine’s Day for a beloved duo to give their fans more of what they love?

Their 15-track, aptly-titled 2009 project is not only referential to a pivotal year for both rappers, it delivers similarly placid vibes. Their chemistry is fully intact on singles like “The Life” and “Plot Twist,” which sound modern but ring true to the mellow, hypnotic energy of their best work.

Besides appreciative moments where they reflect on how far they’ve come, the content doesn’t shift far from the wheelhouse Wiz’s sunny debauchery and Currensy’s idiosyncratic imagery (“ate them mushrooms and watched Scarface and now I’m pacing in my window” on “From The Start”), but that doesn’t even matter. 2009 is a long-awaited project that delivers in a resoundingly smooth fashion.

Gunna, Drip Or Drown 2

After a banner 2018 that helped Gunna establish himself among Atlanta’s finest, the ever-prolific artist dropped off Drip Of Drown 2. He originally promised the album last December but decided to delay it to February. Though Drip Or Drown 2 doesn’t have the highs of its predecessor or Drip Harder with Lil Baby, it’s still a solid showcase of Gunna’s gifts that should appease his growing fanbase. Songs like “One Call,” “Speed It Up,” and “Yao Ming” show his formula of autotune-soaked braggadocio over moody trap beats fully intact.

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