BEWARE’s Block: With The Speed Of The Wind

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Each week, BEWARE goes diggin’ in the submissions box to bring out the best material from under the radar artists who won’t remain there for long. Check out his finds in BEWARE’s Block and be prepared to click play.

El-Shareef – “Uniform Souls”

El-Shareef makes kicking bars about true love sound extra cool on “Uniform Souls.” The concept isn’t dreamy or overthought, instead Reef speaks on the casual instances with his significant other and how he values their shared quirks more than anything. The mood is super smooth to boot, meaning this one’s appropriate for the whole household.

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Shiggy Feat. TUT and 3DM – “Summer Nights”

We’re already past the point in the year where “Summer Nights” seem to last forever. Before the sun starts setting around 6PM and weather cools down to frigid temperatures in many parts of the country, producer Shiggy has recruited TUT and 3DM to lace a mix of swirling guitar waves, sparkling chimes and light percussion with lines about staying cool in these hot streets.

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Singularis – “Slo”

Anything is enjoyable when “Slo” from Singularis is on. Concocted from a Slum Village acapella, light guitar riffs, warming Rhodes keys, ripping bass and mesmerizing synths that pan from ear to ear like a swirling honeybee, this highlight from the Netherlands producer has all the elements needed to evaporate that weight from your shoulders. Who doesn’t instant relief, right?

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Topaz Jones – “Motion Sickness”

We’ve heard Topaz Jones’ sound evolve over the years and “Motion Sickness” feels like some of his most mature vibes yet. Designed with a strutting bass groove and crispy drum track to help steer the ship, this record carries a suit and tie vibe and omits exactly zero queasiness, despite the song’s shaky title.

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Joose The Conquerer – “MIrror”

While the production on “MIrror” from Joose The Conquerer lends to a light, but loose, atmosphere, the warming track actually carries more of an intimate vibe. Thanks to the Grand Rapids, MI singer-rapper’s candlelit poetics and smoothed out production, this grown and sexy record is well packaged and most appropriate for parties of two.

Leikeli47 – “Money”

What can I say, I’m a sucker for records like Leikeli47’s “Money.” Aside from an obviously stupid bass melody and hyper simple drums, this undeniable record from the mysterious New York rapper-slash-singer is filled with impressive flows that all beg to be repeated. Not to mention, there’s a cheddar chasing hook that’s so catchy even the broke folks will be going dumb in the club.

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Kev Decor – “Jumpin” (Prod. by LunAtik, MarzP and Kev)

Kev Decor’s “Jumpin” is a prime example of a song made specifically help turn out a live show. Finding life from a catchy hook, pulsating bassline that never lets up and Kev’s energetic delivery, this lively jam is bound to bend some floor boards whenever played amongst a crowd.

Kattison – “Up and Down” Video

Kattison’s “Up and Down” was featured in these parts a month or so ago and now we see the house heavy single come to life via this inebriated visual. The fun-loving clip finds the UK-based producer traipsing around foreign lands with friends, having the time of his life to the beat of his own 125 BPM drum kit. The one may leave listeners heading to Expedia to search plane tickets.

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