Fox News’ Tomi Lahren Is Furious At Beyonce For Speaking Out About Climate Change

Fox News is big mad — again — at yet another celebrity who has the audacity to challenge their world views. This time, it’s Beyonce who’s aroused the ire of the the news organization, as Fox News Insider talking head Tomi Lahren — perennial favorite pincushion for internet trolls, airlines, and Wale — went on a rant decrying Beyonce’s public stance on climate change.
The angry diatribe was apparently fueled by Beyonce and others speaking out about climate change in their speeches and imploring government and consumers to step up conservation efforts to stem the effects of greenhouse gasses on the environment at a benefit for Hurricane Harvey relief. Lahren’s response? “How did they get to the event last night? Did they walk? Did they take public transit? Did they even fly commercial?” she asks, as if anyone on Fox News has ridden a bus, ever.

“Conservation efforts only apply to the little people… The rest of us are supposed to let our energy-producing communities shut down because Beyonce, Leonardo DiCaprio, Stevie Wonder have made climate change their default religion and onstage talking point,” she mocked, despite mountains of evidence proving that climate change is a real thing, and is affecting far more communities than the “energy-producing” ones that Fox News seems very concerned about, but not enough to actually provide any material support or even accurate information.

Meanwhile, Beyonce will likely continue to contribute to relief efforts to help her native Houston recover from the effects of Hurricane Harvey with grace, compassion, and a willingness to listen as much as to be heard, and leave Tomi Lahren to her sour, manufactured outrage.