While Jay-Z Airs Out His Feelings On ‘4:44,’ Beyonce Is Working Toward A Different Goal

Beyonce doesn’t need a megaphone. Her every whisper and slightest action is amplified by a legion of incredibly passionate fans. But still, the Queen isn’t one to waste a moment of even more intense interest in her than the baseline average that comes with being the world’s biggest pop star. Shortly after Jay-Z released his apology album in 4:44, Beyonce seized the moment to raise money for humanitarian efforts in Burundi.

With BEYGOOD4BURUNDI, Beyonce is teaming up with UNICEF to raise money to build drinking water systems in the impoverished African country. According to the campaign website, almost half of the country’s 11 million citizens lack access to clean drinking water. And more than 2.2 million of the landlocked nation’s inhabitants spend a significant amount of their day sourcing water. With the world’s eyes turned toward her in the wake of Jay-Z’s Lemonade mea culpa, Bey jumped on the moment to convince fans to donate to a good cause.

“Mothers in Burundi want to provide clean, safe water for their children,” she wrote on Twitter. “Let’s help them, together.”

Fans can donate outright or buy BEYGOOD merch that will help support the mission. For more information and to get involved, head to the campaign’s website.