We Still Don’t Know Jay-Z And Beyonce’s Twin Baby Names, So Jimmy Kimmel Made Some Up

In case you’ve been living under a rock and hadn’t heard, last month Jay-Z and Beyonce finally had their twins. There’s been no photos of the babies yet — can you imagine what Bey is going to do to her Instagram when she finally does the big reveal? — and the only official kind of confirmation that we’ve gotten from anyone remotely in the Carter’s camp came from Beyonce’s dad, but we’ll take the reports at face value.

What’s more, it’s been spread around that the names of Jay and Bey’s children are Rumi and Sir, but again, no one has confirmed that in any kind of official capacity. With so much rumor and innuendo swirling around, it proved the perfect situation for late night television host Jimmy Kimmel to do what he does best: Mess around with random strangers in the street and make them look dumb by feeding them fake information.

For his latest bit, akin to this extremely popular Lie Witness News segment, Kimmel had one of his staffers hit Hollywood Boulevard and ask random people to congratulate the Carter’s on the arrival of the twins, but using fake names. There was Cucumber and Uvula, Denver and Omelette, Landline and Retweet, and of course Bed Bath and Beyond-cé.

The bit is pretty hilarious, and definitely worth checking out above.