Beyonce Will Campaign For Hillary Clinton, According To Reports

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11.03.16 3 Comments

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According to new reports, Beyonce will campaign for Hillary Clinton this weekend in Ohio. The Clinton campaign is holding a get out the vote concert in the swing state on Friday, and Jay Z has already been confirmed as performing at the event. Now, sources say that Beyonce will join him in support for the former Secretary of State.

It’s the final push of the 2016 election and with the polls tighter than ever heading into Tuesday, Beyonce could be just the push that Clinton needs to secure her spot in the White House. Some are worried that in an election that hinges on millennial and African American voters, many politically engaged people in those groups are feeling unmotivated to head to the polls on November 8th. Adding Beyonce to the ticket is surely one way to perk everybody up and convince them that Clinton is the candidate to support.

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