Fans Noticed That Beyonce And Jay-Z’s Striking Tour Announcement Was Inspired By A Classic African Movie

The soon-to-be-world-dominating “On The Run II” tour with Jay-Z and Beyonce is happening, as the pair announced a run of shows together during the latter half of this year. The rumors were swirling for a while, but when the official announcement came, it was via some artistic and striking posters (and a video) that conjured up imagery of some combination of the old American West and Easy Rider.

Some astute fans have pointed out, though, that actually, the art was inspired much more so by Touki Bouki, a 1973 Senegalese film directed by Djibril Diop Mambéty. The most obvious connection between the movie and the tour posters is Jay-Z and Beyonce riding the bike with the horned skull on the handlebars, just like in the film.

Touki Bouki, which won the International Critics Award at the 1973 Cannes Film Festival and translates roughly to “a hyena on a journey,” is about Mory and Anta, two people tired of life in Senegal. So, they attempt to raise some money and start a new life in Paris. The movie was also made on a budget of $30,000, which is probably a fraction of what the opening night of the “On The Run II” tour will earn.

Learn more about the upcoming tour here, and check out a trailer for Touki Bouki below.