Beyonce’s Unborn Twins Already Broke The Internet

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The first day of Black History Month was kicked off with new black history: Beyonce and Jay Z are pregnant and expecting twins! Oh happy day! Obviously, the news is incredibly big and important for two reasons. 1. It’s Beyonce and Jay Z, the two biggest superstars on the planet. 2. It’s the one piece of news that’s positive and has absolutely nothing to do with Donald Trump or the fact that this country is falling apart and we’re all screwed.

So it makes perfect sense that stans and casual listeners alike are celebrating the fact that little Blu Ivy is about to be a big sister to Red Mistletoe and Yellow Fern. For once, even for a quick second, we can put our depression and anger on hold to find joy in The Carters surprising announcement. Or, if you’re like Shea Serrano, already thinking how the twins “will lead the revolution in 2039 that takes back humanity from the Trumpians.”

But seriously, if we can all agree on anything is that this is great news. Just last September Beyonce told ABC News she definitely wanted more kids. “I would like more children. I think my daughter needs some company. I definitely love being big sister.”