Beyonce Instagrammed Kanye’s ‘Saint Pablo’ Tour Fresher Than You

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At this point in the game, attending a Kanye West show is basically just an excuse to flex. Like, ‘Hey, I’m at a show of the greatest artist of all time experiencing what might be his most inventive stage treatment thus far.’ And that would be cool for you.

You might even cause some of your friends to experience the paralyzing self-deprecation of FOMO. You might feel smug about your insightful tweets (some actually are super insightful), how great your seats were or even the vibrant, arresting Instagram photos you took. But guess what? You still won’t be Beyonce attending a Kanye show.

Last week while Yeezy was busy headlining two nights at Manhattan’s most iconic arena, Beyonce was also at Madison Square Garden doing what she does best — twirling on them haters, aka us poor and unworthy civilians. (You’ll notice, however, she didn’t seem to be present for Yeezy Season 4’s chaotic glory. ) I’m sorry that I missed these posts until now, but since we’re all here let’s just get into it anyway, shall we? Like any of us really get tired of examining the wide, wonderful world of Beyonce that’s carefully curated through her Instagram feed.

I’m going to assume the hands Beyonce deigned to include in her first post from the night have to be Jay throwing up the Illuminati symbol on a pre-determined signal from Kanye to unlock an even greater energy source for the evening:

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That line on “Formation” proved once and for all that Bey finds those conspiracy theories just as hilarious as we do (looks around nervously, yeah uh, “rumors” you know)

Obviously Beyonce and Jay had pit tickets (they know people) which yield views like this one:

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Though I pity the fool who tried to mosh next to The Carters.

Or maybe Beyonce is just better at photography than all of us?

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It stands to reason that if she’s already a flawless singer, dancer, and all-around superstar, she would also have superior photography skills. The entire framing here gives me Sistine Chapel vibes though, which I’m sure Ye loved.

Brief reminder that a Beyonce concert outfit is impeccably chosen and tailored for the occasion:

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Complete with the classic rock nod and new single “Fade” soundtrack.

In case you missed it up top, this Instagram includes a very trolly use of the “Perfect” sample snippet from “Famous”

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After all the Lemonade speculation Beyonce seems to be shoring Jay back up.

But remember at the end of the day, it’s all about Beyonce:

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Still waiting for her to jump on a remix that officially fixes “Wolves.” Until then, I can continue living vicariously through her perfectly-curated Instagram.

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