Watch Beyonce’s Magnificent Tribute To Shawty Lo In Atlanta

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Shawty Lo was given one of the highest, posthumous compliments any artist could receive in the music industry on Monday night. The Atlanta rap icon passed away last week suddenly and tragically as the result of a car accident, leading to many of his fellow MCs and artists to pay tribute to him. But not many of those entertainers could ever rank higher than Beyonce, who decided to show love to L-O during last night’s Formation Tour stop in Atlanta.

In the fan clip seen above, watch as Queen Bey uses one of the dance interludes during her performance as an opportunity to cue up “Dey Know,” Shawty Lo’s best known solo number. Along with her dancers, she shimmies and shakes, much to the delight of the crowd. She caps it off by blowing a kiss to the heavens, which should probably give Shawty automatic cool points in the eyes of the other angels.

As far as tributes go, Drake could learn a thing or two from Beyonce when it comes to honoring the musical legacies of the many different cities artists stop through while on tour.

Watch another angle of Bey’s tribute below. Feel free to go back and revisit some of Mr. L-O’s best known tracks with our handpicked playlist.

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