Big Boi Praised And Defended LA Reid Amid Sexual Harassment Allegations

Do you know how wrong you have to be to be on the wrong side of Joe Budden? If hip-hop’s Skip Bayless is on the right side of something, you know it has to be a pretty clear where to fall. But Big Boi managed to stumble on the subject of LA Reid when he spoke to The Breakfast Club.

While Big Boi didn’t explicitly defend the former executive who seems to have exited Epic Records over accusations of sexual harassment, he still seems confident in his relationship and support of the man. Given his deep connections to Reid, Big Boi’s defense should probably be expected. However, he couldn’t have picked a less opportune time to talk up the one-time head of Epic. Boi also said that Reid is far from done in the music industry.

“He’s good,” he said. “Ya’ll just stay tuned.”

Then again, given the recent Cosby mistrial, in which the accounts of assault from over sixty women did not sway a jury to properly indict the icon for one instance, perhaps Big Boi is right.

It’s understandable for Big Boi to want to stick up for someone who is so crucial to his career and development. Boi said that Reid was like a “big brother” who made the rare move of allowing OutKast to own their own publishing rights to their early albums. That generous move made Boi a millionaire by the age of 20 and Reid continued to help him with financial advice.

“The track record speaks for itself,” the Boomiverse rapper said about Reid’s signing OutKast to LaFace Records. “We’re the only rap group to ever win Album of the Year at the Grammys. We still got that belt. I’m not a platinum recording artist. I’m a diamond recording artist. L.A. taught me to invest in what you know.”

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