Big K.R.I.T. Addresses Police Brutality With A Mesmerizing Spoken Word Performance

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Leave it to Big K.R.I.T. to step into a building filled with hip-hop’s elite and steal the show without rapping a single verse. Dressed in all blue like a police officer, KRIT commanded the utmost respect in a spoken word performance that wowed the crowd into a hush.

In front of a blue background with red and blue lights flashing in front of him, the former Def Jam artist became the mouthpiece for many around the country on a stage the rest of the world would be focused on.

Police been firing and they gon’ keep firing
The government been lying and they gon’ keep lying
Propaganda news channels, that sh*t is all for show
Cameraphone videos is like all we know
Diluting what the eyewitness might really say
Because the whole world saw a murder yesterday.

There’s something stark about stripping beats away from words and taking rap back to its purest form: poetry. Poetry pops, pummels, and punctuates. There’s no worry of being distracted by the drum and listeners can only focus on the words. Krit’s words need to be heard and paid attention to like a Sunday Mass. It’s the best kind of food for thought that immediately satisfies without an ounce of empty calories. Performing it dressed in a police uniform stiffens his argument and is enough of a statement in itself.

As his voice raised, the mood in the crowd changed and when he hit the crescendo, the crowd erupted in applause with only one statement: Fists in the air.