Big Sean’s Reaction To His Ex-Fiancé Naya Rivera’s Arrest Is Less Than Gentlemanly

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Big Sean’s ex-fiancé and former Glee star Naya Rivera was arrested over the weekend on charges of domestic abuse and it looks like he feels vindicated after unceremoniously splitting up with her in 2014, leading to the anthem of that year, “IDFWU.” Rivera was apparently involved in an altercation with her husband Ryan Dorsey over their child, hitting Dorsey in the face while he filmed the attack and turned over the video to authorities.

Sean sent the above tweet, a viral Vine featuring a little girl saying, “I told ya’ll n—–. I told ya’ll n—–. Y’all thought I was playing, but I told ya’ll n—–.” While the video appears to be unattached to news regarding his former flame, it seems as though it might be a reference to a line in “IDFWU” where Sean claims to have “dodged a bullet from a crazy b*tch.” There was speculation at the time that he was referring to Rivera, as well as criticism for addressing her in such a harsh way if the line was referring to her, so this could be an explanation of Sean’s reaction to his ex’s arrest.

Meanwhile, Sean moved on from Rivera in 2016, linking up with singer Jhene Aiko, with whom he also has a joint album, Twenty88.

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