Birdman And Jacquees Get ‘Lost At Sea’ On New EP

05.27.16 3 years ago

Birdman has made sure to release something new each week for the last month. He seems focused in putting on his new roster of artists with a lot of his songs/videos featuring them. One name that’s already bigger than any of the others is Jacquees. Bird seems to be especially high on him as the two paired up for this Lost at Sea EP.

The elephant in the room that needs to be addressed as this EP plays is Jacquees trying his best Young Thug impression on several of the songs. The title track is basically Thug’s exact flow and style. You can hear certain ad-libs on “Wise Words” that mirror Thug’s. What’s worse is that he speaks as if this is not what’s going on.

“It’s a lot of swangin’ goin’ on in the music,” Jacquees told FADER. “It’s a different sound to what my fans are used to, but the music is amazing. It’s legendary because it’s me and Stunna and we goin’ in just us.”

Jacquees’ last mixtape was good because he was establishing his own identity. Lost At Sea tears away the progress made and sets him back a few notches. With more eyes on him than when he dropped Mood in January, so it’s a bad look to have this style. Birdman shouldn’t allow this, either. He should want to push his label forward, not create doppelgängers.

Lost At Sea is disappointing, but it does have a couple worth-while gems on it. “Body Right” shows off Jacquees’ excellent R&B side and the same can be said for “Overtime.” The R&B lane is where he should try to stay. It’ll be more appealing in the long run to the women and he won’t have to endure being called just be a Thug clone.

Lost at Sea is available on iTunes.

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