Birdman Wants Rick Ross To Put Some ‘Respek’ On His Name Because ‘Numbers Don’t Lie’

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After a brief hiatus, Rick Ross finally returned to the forefront of rap on Friday with a new album and he sounds rejuvenated. The early returns on Rather You Than Me have been positive, and Ross seems to have returned to form after a few lukewarm efforts. One of the most underrated aspects of Ricky’s career is how he’s handled himself under turmoil, as he’s taken on heavyweights like 50 Cent and Young Jeezy and walked away relatively unscathed and as the consensus victors in both feuds. Now, he’s embattled in another dust up after taking aim at Birdman for his shady business practices in the new track “Idols Become Rivals,” and also taking Meek Mill’s side during the fallout of his breakup with Nicki Minaj.

Birdman of course got word of the diss, and he responded briefly to Billboard saying “I don’t get caught up in hoe sh*t, man.” While he didn’t get into specifics, Birdman simply shrugged the entire situation off, basically reiterating his “Put some respek on my name” stance from his hilarious Breakfast Club appearance last year. “I just keep doing what I’m doing and keep pushing, I don’t get caught up in that, I don’t play like that,” he told Billboard. “I’m a man and I stand my ground and I do my thing. Numbers don’t lie, and that’s all I give a f*ck about, numbers, and puttin’ them up.”

Ross, of course, came to the defense of Lil Wayne and DJ Khaled on the track and poked at Birdman relentlessly over his business practices that have become a notorious part of his reputation. Lil Wayne enjoyed it, though Khaled has remained mum on the situation. One thing is for sure, Birdman won’t be releasing any response records.