#BlackWomenEqualPay Day Takes Off With Support From Remy Ma And Many More

Many black female celebs took to social media today to advocate equal pay for black women. The #BlackWomenEqualPay campaign took flight across popular platforms like Twitter and Instagram to raise awareness for the injustices black women face in the work field. Influential black female figures in music such as Remy Ma, many in television like Insecure creator and star Issa Rae, Tracee Ellis Ross, Uzo Aduba and tennis superstar Serena Williams shared wise words and sported their gray “Phenomenal Women” t-shirts to help stimulate conversation about the issue.

Remy Ma wrote “Black women are the cornerstone of our communities, they are phenomenal and deserve equal pay,” in her caption, which was echoed by plenty of her peers, who reiterate the importance of black women in American society, which often fails to remember that their struggles are just as valid as those of other movements. Even though the rights of black women are intertwined with the civil rights and feminism movements, black women have yet to be taken care of, and most of the achievements of said movements cater more exclusively to black men or white women.

A black woman’s weekly earnings is $174 less than a white woman’s and ACLU National reports that a black woman would have to work 66 years to earn what a white man can earn in 40 years. Although these stats are discouraging, not all hope is lost without an organized fight against the system, #BlackWomenEqualPay is here to gain awareness and support so we too can be paid fairly for doing the same work as the other man.