Boogie Confirms An Eminem Collaboration Will Be On His Upcoming Shady Records Debut

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Up-and-coming Compton rapper Boogie has seen his star consistently rise, even with a relatively slow 2018 that only saw him release a handful of loose singles. However, nothing boosts a rising artist’s profile like a co-sign from a more established veteran and no veteran is more established than Shady Records founder Eminem — who also happens to be Boogie’s new boss after signing him to the label in 2017. On New Year’s Day, Boogie confirmed that Em’s big co-sign is coming in the form of a feature on his upcoming Shady Records debut album, which is slated to drop sometime in 2019.


He tweeted — then deleted — a message to fans saying, “There is a confirmed Eminem feature on the tracklist for the upcoming album – might be a scrapped Bodied OST track, who knows…” While Bodied, the Eminem-produced, Joseph Khan-directed battle rap film that lit up the Toronto International Film Festival last year, received a limited theatrical run and landed on Youtube Premium last month, its soundtrack has remained in limbo after failing to release in November to coincide with the film’s theater release. Intriguingly, there is a fake “Bodied Soundtrack” up on Spotify, clearly hoping to take advantage of online searches.

Meanwhile, although no further info about Boogie’s album seems to be forthcoming — and even the info we have is dubious, considering the rapper deleted the tweet shortly after confirming it — it seems we’ll have at least one track to look forward to, even if it ends up on a different album than the one we previously expected.