Boogie’s Smooth New Song Is So Good He Couldn’t Wait To Leave The Studio To Preview It

Boogie is on a roll. While the first few months after his deal with Shady Records was announced were quiet on the musical front, it looks like he’s ready to begin introducing himself to the built-in Shady audience with gusto. First, he released the jazzy, Masego-featuring single “Violence” late last year, then followed up more recently with the surreal video for boisterous single “Self Destruction.” The Boogie machine is moving in earnest now, churning out new music so fast, he can’t even wait to get it out of the studio before sharing it to social media, as he does in the above Instagram post.

Featuring what looks like an impromptu sing-along session with a few homies and a caption that reads “We doing the wobble all summer….”, Boogie cheerfully rocked to the mellow, sample-driven beat of his latest future hit while recited the bars and crooning along to the melodic chorus. As with prior work like Thirst 48 Pt II, it seems this track primarily concerns itself with his relationship with his muse Jamesha, along with some introspection about his newfound fame and turbulent past.

The normally low-key Compton rapper has been more active on social media recently, possibly indicating a desire to raise his profile before announcing a new album. Until then, try not to get too tired of repeating this snippet while you wait.