Boogie Searches For Just The Right Rap Look In His Satirical ‘Soho’ Video Featuring Dreamville Star JID

It was clear from the introduction of the tracklist that one of the standouts on Boogie‘s debut album would be “Soho,” as it would feature Dreamville standout JID, fresh off his breakout mixtape DiCaprio 2 and the Revenge Of The Dreamers recording sessions alongside the confident bar work of the Compton upstart. Now that Everything’s For Sale is officially “for sale,” Boogie is making sure to double down on the attention “Soho” has already received with a satirical video for track, which you can check out above.

In the song, Boogie laments the now unavoidable commute from his native Compton to Soho House, a fancy establishment clear on the other side of LA proper, a trip which takes 30 minutes out of your day under the best conditions — which, LA never actually has, thanks to its constantly congested network of freeways and tourist traps. Boogie and JID do their best to maneuver around these obstacles in the pursuit of their careers — it’s a hassle, but now it’s a necessary one, if they want to make a career out of this rap thing. The video represents this visually by having Boogie and JID try on different, stereotypical looks for a photoshoot, from a Lil Yachty-inspired braids-and-grill combo to a thuggish du-rag and Dickies suit ensemble.

The other big standout from Everything’s For Sale, aside from singles “Self Destruction” and “Silent Ride,” is “Rainy Days,” which features a guest verse from Boogie’s label boss Eminem. Unfortunately for Em, that verse has been subject to as much mockery as praise, leading to a return of the debate over his legacy in hip-hop. With Boogie flying the Shady flag, though, he shouldn’t worry too much about it; his name is in good hands as hip-hop looks for the face of the future.

Everything’s For Sale is out now via Interscope and Shady Records. Get it here.